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Sagittarius Candle

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The Sagittarius Candle is infused with Lepidolite & Smoky Quartz to promote relaxation, calmness and stabity. 

This candle contains a raw Lepidolite crystal & a tumbled  Smoky Quartz. 

Lepidolite promotes stress relief & naturally contains lithium, which is used in anti-anxiety medication. It helps bring balance in stressful times when we feel emotionally overwhelmed and worried. Smokey Quartz promoted emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. Combined together these crystals promote relaxation, releasing negativity and anxiety. 

Handmade and hand-poured with 100% Pure Soy Wax. 

Made with a cotton wick coated with soy wax.

Contains a volume of approx 400ml. 

This candle jar is a clear classic medium tumbler. This candle comes with no lid. 

Measurements of candle jar: Height 10.1cm, Width 9cm.

Burn time estimate 50 to 100 hours with proper care. 

Please read the candle care on the safe removal of the crystal. Please blow away from the crystal when putting out the candle.