About Us

Who is behind Fayora? 

Fayora is a one woman owned and operated Aotearoa business based in Tāmaki Makaurau. Fayora was created and is owned by indigenous entrepreneur; Faye Mateni. Faye has lived in Tāmaki Makaurau for all of her life, she is Tongan from a village called Lapaha and Māori from an Iwi is Ngati Porou. 

About Us:

We create crystal candle magic with pure loving intentions poured into each candle. Our candles are homemade, hand-poured and hand crafted to perfection. We are proud to say our candles are vegan, cruelty free & non-toxic. We pride ourselves on trying to help our earth by using soy wax to make our candles, soy wax is biodegradable and from renewable, all-natural resources. Every candle we produce is authentic, we follow our vision’s and intuition vibrating in high frequencies to give you the most of what mother nature has provided to us. Each Fayora candle has a piece of us in it, we have extreme attention to detail which helps us make our candles to the highest standards. We understand that crystals absorb energy & hold energy hence why we make sure we handle our products with much love, respect and care. We understand each crystals spiritual meaning, benefits and how they need to be looked after. We make sure we handle all of our crystals in an appropriate manner by cleansing, charging and appropriately storing each crystal. We believe these are important points to pride ourselves on as we have a wide range of products on our store including crystals, jewelry, crystal beauty products & accessories. We simply just want to bring clarity, love, peace and happiness through our products. We believe we are put on this earth to help direct you to your divine self. 

Where did the name Fayora come from and what does it mean? 

The name Fayora has a mixture of meanings. The “Fay” in Fayora is for Faye, after our grandmother Faye whom is our namesake. Faye means Fairy in Middle English which is why our logo is a fairy. Fairies are mystical beings that are beautiful and magical, this gives the feeling of what Fayora candles are.“Ora” in Fayora means life in Te Reo Maori which to me resonates with how I feel about crystals & candles, full of life and light. Candles bring light to your life physically & crystals bring light to your life spiritually. Fayora has the sound of Aura which is important to us as Crystals and Candles can set the tone for a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Your home is the most important place as it is your safe place, create a calm, peaceful, relaxing aura in our home with Fayora Candles.

What inspired you to create Fayora?

Fayora was created off the back of a global pandemic. As a creator I have always had a passion for making candles and I have always loved crystals therefore I started making crystal candles as a way to distract myself from the reality of not being able to see my family during lockdown in result of COVID. I found a comfort in creating candles and surrounding myself around crystals therefore the first candle we had created was The Moheofo Candle which is named it after my grandmother Moheofo, as a way to remember that although I couldn’t be with her not see her -she is always be with me in spirit. The name Fayora came from my namesake my grandmother Faye as that is where “Fay” in Fayora came from. Fayora is made off the people we love the most & honouring them and with Fayora we bring you what we love the most, our creations. I started candle making as hobby and it soon became a business venture and Fayora became established in September 2021 as I wanted to release my candles to Aotearoa as I knew my creations were never seen before & unique. I wanted to contribute to sustainable gift giving ideas in Aotearoa along with giving our people a wide variety of gift stores when it comes to gifting to our loved ones.

Our Goal:

Fayora is about creating a magical and relaxing experience to our customers through our love for candles and crystals. We want to share our one of a kind creations with customers. We aim to bring light, love, peace, clarity and vision to ones soul using candles & crystals. We place high importance on creating a unique experience for each of our customers and place high importance on exceeding our customers expectations of customer service. 

Our vision:

Crystals are such a beautiful, natural gift in life. I have always had a passion and love for learning about crystals. Crystals can completely transform the energy and ambience in your home. Whether you use crystals for decorative purposes or to manifest, you cannot deny they're beautiful. There is nothing more relaxing to me then coming home and winding down by lighting a candle. I have always found it hard to find natural wax candles with no additives that feel unique and special to me. I wanted to share my passion and love with the world by creating a product that helps others wind down, relax and feel good about themselves.