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Fayora Faye Candle

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The Faye Candle

Infused with a Clear Quartz carved butterfly fairy along with a Clear Quartz mushroom to give the magical Fayora Fairy vibe.

Infused with Clear Quartz, the master healer crystal to promote concentration, balance, and your energetic system.

Clear Quartz is a powerfully protective crystal and is known as the “Master Healer”. Clear Quartz can dispel negativity and can enhancing mental clarity. It can help with emotional stability and can be used with meditation and restorative work. Clear Quartz can be used for manifestation and can help create more focus and clarity around a desire.

The Faye Candle is named and dedicated to my grandmother Faye, whom passed away on the 5th of September 2022. My grandmother Faye is my namesake and is the name behind Fayora as the "Fay" in Fayora is for the name Faye. Faye means Fairy in middle English. Fairies are magical mystical beings that are beautiful, this resonates with my grandmother as she was a beautiful kind woman and this resonates with Fayora as we believe we provide magical creations. We picked Clear Quartz to be the crystal in our Faye Candle as Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" and in our time of grief we need the support of Clear Quartz to help us balance and stabilize our emotions along with reminding us we are protected by our guardian angel nana Faye as Clear Quartz is a  protective crystal. We hope that this candle can support and help protect ones soul along with honor the remembrance of my beautiful grandmother Faye.

  • Homemade and hand-poured with 100% Pure Natural Soy Wax.
  • Made with a cotton wick coated with soy wax.
  • Volume of 400ml, 700grams, 1.5lb in weight
  • Our fragrance oils are vegan, non-toxic, cruelty free and they are International Fragrance Association (IFRA) complaint and certified. Our fragrance oils DO NOT contain UV inhibitors, phthalates nor paraffin, mineral or palm oil.
  • Burn time estimate 80 to 120 hours with proper care. 
  • This is a frosted candle jar that comes without a lid. Measurements of candle jar: Height 10.1cm, Width 9cm.

Fragrance Option:

Sugar Plum Fairy 

Sweet sticky and fruity with a cotton candy finish. Top notes of Tangerine, sun-kissed Peaches and Lemon drops, mid notes of freshly spun cotton candy with a Pink Apple finish.

Baileys Dark Chocolate & Pistachio

Irish Cream top notes dropping into a velvety blend of creamy white and bitter chocolate, finished with toasted pistachios and marshmallow. Moody complex and sweet.

Peppermint Fluff

Soft marshmallow and peppermint top notes dropping into mid notes of Boysenberry, Apricot and Strawberry in a sweet creamy base of Tonka bean and Vanilla cream.

Pink Lotus 

Pink lotus flowers smell citrus-y, green and spicy with deep sultry floral aromas with a soft earthy undertone. Intoxicating and strangely beautiful.

This candle jar is a frosted medium tumbler jar. This candle comes with no lid. 

Please read the candle care on the safe removal of the crystal. Please blow away from the crystal when putting out the candle.