What is Fayora & What are we about?

What is Fayora & What are we about?

Fayora is a small Aotearoa owned, one woman operated business located in West Auckland.

🕯We create handmade, hand-poured, luxury crystal infused candles. Our candles are cruelty free, vegan and high quality. Our candles are made using 100% Pure Natural Soy Wax. Our Soy Wax is biodegradable and from renewable, all-natural resources. Our candles contain cruelty free, vegan fragrance oils and come in high-quality thick glassed candle jars. We create crystal candle magic with pure loving intentions poured into each candle, we aim to help others live a more beneficial life with our crystal products. We hope to bring peace, clarity, love & light to ones life through our products. 

🔮We have a wide range of products on our store including crystals, crystal jewelry, crystal beauty products & accessories.
We are most proud of our luxury, hand-crafted crystal infused candles. We pay extreme attention to detail when creating our crystal infused candles along with handling our products with much love and care. We understand crystals hold energy and need to be treated with respect. We understand each crystals spiritual meaning, benefits and how they need to be looked after. We make sure we handle all of our crystals in an appropriate manner by cleansing, charging and appropriately storing each crystal.

🥇Our Goal:
Fayora is about creating a magical and relaxing experience to our customers through our love for candles and crystals. We want to share our one of a kind creations with customers. We aim to bring light, love and vision to peoples lives using candles & crystals. We place high importance on creating a unique experience for each of our customers and place high importance on exceeding our customers expectations of customer service.

✍🏽Where did the name Fayora come from and what does it mean?
The name Fayora has a mixture of meanings. “Fay” came about as the owners first name is Faye. Faye means Fairy in Middle English. Fairies are mystical beings that are beautiful and magical, this gives the feeling of what Fayora candles are. “Ora” means life in Te Reo Maori which to me resonates with how I feel about crystals & candles, full of life and light. Fayora has the sound of Aura which is important as Crystals and Candles can set the tone for a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
Why Fayora?

🌱 Our candles are 100% vegan, home made and hand poured. We create our candles with 100% Pure Natural Soy Wax. Soy Is a biodegradable and renewable wax.
👃🏽 Our Fragrance Oils are vegan, non toxic paraffin free & cruelty free.
🐰Our candles are cruelty free.
♻️ We aim to create a more sustainable living for New Zealand.
🔮 Our crystals are ethically sourced by one of Australasia‘s biggest wholesalers.
🇳🇿 We are Aotearoa owned and based.
🤝 We support New Zealand owned company’s by only partnering with New Zealand wholesalers.
🤍 We care.

Fayora Original Candles

Moheofo Candle
Aurora Candle
Siren Candle

Callisto Candle