2023 Tongan Language Week Candle Workshop

2023 Tongan Language Week Candle Workshop

Malo e Lelei, Happy Tongan Language week 

We often get asked what inspired us to create Fayora and makes us most proud of our small business. Our biggest inspiration was to represent our Polynesian community in our industry along with having the opportunity to give back to our community. We had the opportunity of doing so through Te Manawa by having our very first Tongan Candle making workshop for Tongan Language week.
When we look back 10 months ago we set the initiative that a way we would be able to give back to our community in the future would be through candle making workshops by teaching the artistry of candle making. Though Te Manawa believing in us, nurturing us and giving us the opportunity we have been able to execute our goal.
The owner of Fayora Candles is Tongan from a village in Tonga called Lapaha, this is our way of expressing how proud we are to be Tongan and our love for where we come from, representing our people and land.
We have always been proud of who we are and where we come from therefore us having the opportunity to celebrate, honor and show our respects to Tongan Language week by representing our people was truly a dream come true.
As we stood before our workshop participants with a heart full of emotions we couldn’t help but let a few tears roll down as we were so honored to have the opportunity to conduct this very special workshop.
Until the next workshops. ✨
Malo Aupito & ofa lahi atu kia moutolu 🤍

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