2023 Mental Health Awareness Candle Workshop

2023 Mental Health Awareness Candle Workshop

Happy Mental Health Awareness week!

We were able to conduct a crystal candle making workshop in light of mental health awareness week.
This workshop was very important to us as we understand how important mental health is as often us as a society we only recognize when someone is physically hurt but never really stop to see if someone is mentally hurt. It is easier to spot a broken leg or a runny nose then someone who is feeling sick mentally and may just need  peaceful time to themselves. 
Through Te Manawa we are so grateful we had the opportunity to hold this workshop where participants were able to select two crystals of their choice to infuse into their very own candle they had made. We had all the crystal meanings, what chakra they associated with along with little info that helped guided participants to pick what crystal would be right for them. 
We truly had so much fun and hope all our attendee's had fun too - it was so exciting to watch everyone's creative process flow and see what crystals each attendee intuitively picked. 
 We hope there are more workshops to come and for now, thank you to every single person who has come out to our workshops - we couldn’t have done this without you to.

Take care,
Love Faye
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