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Come and shop with us at our Fayora Store.

We are so excited to be able to give you all the opportunity to experience our Fayora creations in the flesh. We opened Fayora as an online based store and with all of our gorgeous customers support we are able to open our own store. Fayora is a Aotearoa owned, one woman operated gift store, therefore our store opening guidelines is that you must make a booking to visit our store. This is put in place to ensure when you are shopping with us you get all of the help you need and that we are not overwhelmed.

You must book a time slot to come and shop with us as we are only opening our store upon booking.  This is a non-obligation booking which means you are not required to purchase from us. This is just a booking to come and view our store.

Please note:

Address will be sent via email. Store is located on West Coast Road in Glen Eden, Auckland 

No cash is kept onsite nor do we accept cash. We accept Eftpos, Credit Cards, Afterpay Cards, Applepay etc 

Before making a booking please be aware we have operating security cameras inside our premise and outside our premise. If you are not comfortable with this please do not make an instore booking. We will wear a mask at all times.

Please park on the grass parking on the right hand side of the store infront of the Fayora parking sign. 

Instore Appointment Booking Opening Hours:

(These times are subject to availability and require you to book via our "Visit Our Store" menu option)

Monday 5pm - 6pm

Friday 5pm - 8pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm 

Frequently asked questions:

What does making an appointment to visit the Fayora store do?

It guarantees we will be onsite with our store open ready for you to view.

Does it cost money to book an appointment to visit your store?

No, just like any store it is completely free to visit our store. The appointment is just to let us know when you'd like to come in store so we can make sure our shop is open at that time and on that day.

Is there a cancellation fee if I make an appointment to visit the store but I cant make it?

Not at all, the booking is completely non-obligation which means you are not required to attend nor purchase from us. The booking is to only secure we will be open.

Do I have to buy anything if I make an appointment to visit the store?

Not at all, the booking of an appointment is only to come and view our store

What if I am running late to my appointment?

No problem at all, we open our store at the time of the booking. If you are running late theres no issues at all in regards to that as we will keep our store open ready for you.

What payments do you accept in store?

We have Eftpos available, no cash is onsite therefore we don’t accept cash. We will send you a link via email and you can make the payment via our check out page on our website if you would like to pay by Applepay, Afterpay, Laybuy, Humm or Zip.

What items are not available instore that are available online? 

Unfortunately we do not offer our Zodiac Candle Collection in store as this product is made to order. 

Why do you only accept bookings to visit the store?

Fayora is owned and operated solely by one woman. The owner of Fayora works a full time 9 to 5 Monday to Friday occupation therefore the appointment times and dates are to work around her busy schedule. Faye, the owner of Fayora is a perfectionist, due to this Fayora can only open once she is available as she wants to always be at the premise at all times. Our Fayora store is in a small cabin therefore we don't want to overcrowd our store, we want everyone to be comfortable and have their own space. This is what lead us to the decisions to open under appointments only, this means we can guarantee we will be there to open the store and gives our customers space to be able to use their intuition to choose there new goodies to take home. We will have full opening days available for our customers.