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The Trio Crystal Jar

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Our Fayora Crystal Protection & Prosperity Altars are to help ones soul manifest what they need help with in their spiritual journey. 

The Trio Crystal Jar's are infused with a Clear Quartz Point, Rough Rose Quartz & Amethyst Point in a white clear jar. This is to help one with their spiritual journey, this is brilliant for beginner crystal lovers. You can use these jars for prayer, meditation, decoration, or even money jars and storage jars.

Amethyst – Peace, Calm, Protection, Positivity 

Clear Quartz – Harmonizes the chakras and stimulates the immune system

Rose Quartz – Confidence, harmony and self- love

The crystals in these jars have been hot glued into the jar so please be careful of the crystals inside these jars, they are very fragile and may chip if moved. If you would like to remove the crystal, just gently move the crystal or full the jar with warm water then gently remove the crystal.

Handmade and handcrafted by Fayora Candles in Glen Eden, Aotearoa.

Size: 7cm tall & 7cm wide

Crystals are sourced from Brazil.